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The probate period is usually difficult for families. They have just recently lost a loved one. Emotions are understandably high. Then, the state begins using its formulaic process to divide up the remaining property. It can all seem too mechanical. Executors can demonstrate little to no compassion for the surviving family. We at The Anderson Law Group are here to help Houston, TX, residents get through probate as smoothly as possible.


Respect Wishes of the Deceased

Our primary concern is honoring the wishes of the departed family member. We believe that everything possible must be done to ensure that what the deceased wanted comes to fruition. To this end, The Anderson Law Group will challenge executor decisions and even request a replacement if need be.

It is not uncommon for things to go awry during probate. For whatever reason, the executor may begin making poor decisions. That is when we issue a former challenge to set things right.

We are also deeply concerned about the interests of the family. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones without the means to survive. We ensure that clients get to keep their wealth inside the family and not lose it to outside forces.

Anyone who is having problems during probate should contact us today at The Anderson Law Group, serving Houston, TX, and beyond.