The probate period is usually difficult for families. They have just recently lost a loved one. Emotions are understandably high and everything may seem to be in disarray.  We at The Anderson Law Group are here to help you get through probate as smoothly as possible.

Respect Wishes of the Deceased 

Our primary concern is honoring the wishes of the deceased.  Whether we are representing a beneficiary, heir of the estate, executor/administrator of the estate or even a creditor, our job is to ensure that the law is complied with and the decedent’s estate is properly administered and distributed. 

We have represented hundreds of clients in matters involving probate including the probate of a will, administering estates, will contests, determining the heirs in the absence of a will, transferring title to property of the decedent, litigating will ambiguities and settling family disputes with regard to estate property.

It is important to know that it is almost impossible to get through probate without the services of an attorney.  Anyone needing these services should contact us today. Serving clients in the Houston, TX area.