Personal Injury

Accidents seem to always happen when people are least prepared for them. A slip and fall leads to serious head injuries. A doctor prescribes the wrong medication. A motorist forgets to use their turn signal leading to a rear end collision. All of these events can happen at anytime.

The Anderson Law Groups provides compassionate legal advice to accident victims. We help people get just recompense for the damage that has been done.



A central problem most people have after suffering an injury is proving the fault of the other party. It is common for victims to rant and rave about their pain and suffering. They want someone in power to listen. Sadly, nobody will. We know the solution.

To get compensation for injuries in Texas, victims have to prove legal negligence. The offending party must have acted in a manner that fulfills the negligence requirement as defined by the law. The courts will not care about suffering. They only want to know if the case facts fit with the current interpretation of negligence. We help clients accumulate the proper evidence to prove their cases. We find the concrete damage done and submit a request for payment.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another, contact the Anderson Law Group, serving Texas and California, for professional personal injury advice.