If you have played professional sports and are now retired, you may be entitled to Social Security disability as well disability benefits from the professional sports organization if you are unable to work due to the injuries you sustained while playing or after you stopped playing. Social Security pays disability benefits to people no matter what age, who can’t work because they have a medical condition that’s expected to last at least one year or result in death. You must meet certain criteria before receiving those benefits.

Professional sports clubs such as the NFL pays benefits to former players based on either a partial or total and permanent disability simply because you played the sport and paid in to a plan while you were working there. However, you must meet certain criteria to qualify for these benefits. Anderson Law Group, PLLC represents more than 100 athletes in their claims for disability. If you believe that you may be entitled to these benefits, we are here to pursue your claims and work to obtain the maximum amount you are entitled to. Complete the form to receive a case evaluation at no cost to you.


Why People With Disabilities Need Legal Representation

Disability claims can be quite complex. The rules change all the time. The forms are confusing. One mistake can mean having to begin the entire process anew. Disabled persons can wait years to get their money as a result.

We can help prevent the common mistakes that destroy a disability claim. Our team will help complete the paperwork to ensure that the authorities cannot dismiss the claim on a technicality.

The Anderson Law Group represents disability claimants throughout the United States.  We should be your first point of contact if you are disabled and want to get through the claims process as smoothly as possible.